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Friday, 27 July 2012

Free Grant For Minority Women-Apply Free Online Grants

Free Grant For Minority Women-Apply Free Online Grants
Finding a grant can make your dream of starting a small business or completing your education become reality. In some cases, you might even be able to find funding for both. There are several avenues to pursue as you search for a grant that fits your background and your educational interests.
1 Check with the Office of Women's Business Ownership in the SBA (Small Business Association) and the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). These are both useful resources for grants for new businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Visit their websites (see Resources) or call their representatives and talk to them about grants which are specifically for women in a minority group. You might also find grants for minority women interested in studying business, finance and other business-related subjects.
2 If you're looking for an educational grant, the best place to start is local. Talk to the admissions departments at your local universities and colleges. There are often grants for available for local residents only, some of which may be specified for minority women.
3 Expand your search to universities and colleges outside your local area. Go to their websites to get the contact information for people who work with admissions and scholarships. Call and ask for information about grants that are specifically for minority women.
4 Research national grants by contacting national organizations (see Resources) related to your field of study or your ethnic background. Make calls or make appointments if you live near a local branch of the organization. Some grants will be for any minority and some may specify the minority. If you have multiple minorities in your family background, you may qualify for multiple grants.
5 Search for grants according to the area of study you wish to pursue. You can often find grants for a specific area, such as geosciences or literature, and within those fields you may find grants For Minority women that have been designated for minority women.

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